Membership Benefits


CE and Convention Discount, FREE Legal Advice from Attorney Morrison, Chiropractic Rights - connect with a group who will fight for your legal rights as a Chiropractor and much more! 


   - Members ONLY Newsletter
   - Discounted rates for classifieds and newsletter advertising

Business Development
   - AAC member doctor referral
   - Clients can have access to your professional information 24/7
   - Networking opportunities through AAC events - GET UNITED! 

   - Continuing Education Seminars
   - Annual Convention
   - Updated industry workshops (insurance, compliance, Medicare)
          - FREE or LOW fee for AAC members and your staff
          - For insurance based or cash practices
   - Member discounts and services through partner companies

   - Legislative updates and action alerts
   - Legislative representation by Barry Aarons with Aarons Company 
   - Annual Arizona Chiropractic Legislative Conference (ACLC)
          - Meet your Legislators and let your voice be heard!

   - FREE expert insurance Panel Forum - FREE to members and your staff! 
   - Free access to AAC's Insurance Committee to answer your insurance and billing questions

   - Attorney Representaion - Dave Morrison, ESQ
        - FREE Advice to members on issues involving chiropractic, insurance and personal injury
   - Discounts to member for board and malpractice

   - Comprehensive facts, resources and inforamtionkits
   - Includes documents drafted by AAC Attorney to assist your practice and YOU! 
   - Members only section of website - more documents and information to help YOU!
   - Information Resources - Provide assistance and answer your questions! 

We help ALL Chiropractors - but partnership has its privileges! 


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