Arizona Chiropractic Legislative Conference

2016 Arizona Chiropractic Legislative Conference

The Arizona Chiropractic Legislative Conference was a record breaking success as over three dozen chiropractors and chiropractic staff descended on the Arizona State Capitol on Thursday January 28th and hosted legislators and legislative staff to discuss the critical issues facing Arizona chiropractors.
AAC President David Sheitelman said, "We haven't see this type of participation in over a decade. It is a testament to our Association that so many chiropractors and their staff took time out of their practices to come to the Capitol and visit with legislators and legislative staff."

In addition Dr. Steven Ely and his son Christian with Ely Video, memorialized the event in a series of digital interviews of legislators. Legislators from Prescott, Scottsdale and Phoenix shared their thoughts on why this event is so very important. Clips from those interviews are available on the AAC Videos page.

Sheitelman added, "The Arizona Association of Chiropractic is working hard to promote public policy decisions at the legislature that support and protect chiropractors, their staffs and most of all their patients."

Some of the issues discussed at the event included enforcement of the unfair claims practices act; proposals that will move health care regulatory boards to the Department of Health Services in response to the North Carolina FTC Supreme Court decision; and, various issues of chiropractic insurance coverage. Many chiropractors were able to visit with their legislators during the day in one on one sessions further developing the relationships that will serve the association in the future.
Sheitelman concluded, "We have every reason to believe that this event will continue to grow in the coming years. We also intend to embark on more one on one sessions of chiropractors visiting legislators when the current session ends."

A very special thanks for all of those who took the time from their schedules to join us for this important event!!